about us

We enjoy working with our customers to develop and improve how our plywood is used in their products. Our comparative advantage lies in our deep knowledge of how wooden furniture is made, which stems from more than a century of experience in furniture production. We also benefit from our ‘closed production ecosystem’, which starts with our selection of raw material and ends with the completion of products that meet customer specifications. We want future generations to benefit equally from our natural resources, and to that end we strive for carbon neutrality in our practices. We are happy to share information about our progress in this important area.

history of production in holešov

1891 · establishment of J. & J. Kohn bentwood furniture company

1933 · merger with Thonet Mundus

1946 · company name changed to Thonet

1953 · company name changed to TON

2020 · Czech Plywood established as an independent company