1 Preparation

At Czech Plywood we start at the very beginning. From autumn to spring we personally choose certified wood from local sources and store it in an outdoor water basin, where the logs are regularly sprayed with water. Prior to entering the production process, logs spend dozens of hours in basins where they undergo temperature and moisture treatment that leads to plastification of the raw material. After this the bark is removed and the logs are cut to desired lengths. 

2 Peeling

We peel the logs to a single sheet of veneer 1.23 mm in thickness. The veneers are then dried in a controlled environment and sorted according to dimensions and quality with the use of a specialised camera system. The resulting dry veneer thickness is 1.12 mm. 

3 Layering of veneers

We layer veneers in a cross pattern (with the grain of each layer running in alternating direction) or in a uniform direction in the case of glued laminated timber. A minimum of three layers is required in both cases. Depending on the required properties and width, each layer ends up approximately 1 mm thick after the pressing process. The outer layers can be customised to enable placement of upholstery or finishing with decorative wood or laminate. 

4 Pressing

Pressing is done with one of two processes: high frequency press and steam press. While high frequency pressing is suitable for larger forms, steam presses are generally used for smaller plywood forms like seats and backrests. 

5 Finishing on CNC machines

Pressed plywood is finished with the help of CNC machines and lasers. Lasers are also used for branding plywood products with logos or embossing them with decorative features. 

6 Lacquer

We apply lacquer with a Wagner sprayer in a special spray cabin. This ensures optimal surface finishing, both with water-based as well as PUR lacquers. 

7 Applying Sigma T-nuts

Plywood pieces that will be covered in upholstery are fastened with Sigma T-nuts. This guarantees precision and stability. 

8 Upholstering

Plywood products can be finished with foam or another type of upholstery according to customer specifications.